Using Your Own Facebook Group to Build Your Business

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Facebook Groups are the popular place to be on Facebook. With that knowledge, using your own Facebook group to build your business is a powerful tool.

Mark Zuckerberg announced: Facebook will be focus on privacy and people building relationships and communities. Groups where people can be themselves. One way Facebook plans to do this is by prioritizing Facebook Groups.

How to set-up and create your Facebook group

Once you’re on the Facebook Groups page. Click “Create New Group” (on some devices click the + button):

Instructions for creating a Facebook group to build your business
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When you click “Create New Group”, a pop-up will appear.

This pop-up contains a 4-part form that you need to complete creating your new Group.

Naming your Facebook group

The first field asks you for the name of your new group. Make the group name memorable and searchable so people can find it. Your Facebook group name should relate to the group topic.

Here are some tips for naming your new Group:

Use your name, brand name, product name, or other recognized name that is easy to find when searching.

Use keywords that relate to the topic and discussion. If you are using your Facebook group to build your business and it’s a supplement company. Your Facebook Group can be for moms getting healthy. Or for discussing beauty products for busy moms.

Group privacy settings

You have 3 options:

Public–Anyone can join the group if he/she follows the rules of the Group and is a real person. One downside to this type of privacy is anyone (member or not) can see the posts of the group.

Closed–Most Facebook groups fall into this category. The content within the Group can be seen only by the members. Those who are not members only see the description, name, and rules of the Group.

Secret–A secret group is not listed in Facebook search results. New members will only be able to join when the admin sends the link to join the Group.

Group privacy settings can be changed later, but only under certain situations. These are Facebook’s official rules.

Admins can only change the privacy setting for a group once every 28 days.

After a change is made, the admins have 24 hours to revert a change made to the privacy settings.

Admins can change the privacy settings for Groups under 5,000 members from Public to Private or Private to Public.

Admins can only change the privacy settings for Groups with over 5,000 members from Public to Private.

If it’s a sensitive topic, and you change the privacy from Private to Public, you can expect to lose members. With the goal of your Facebook group to build your business, you want to keep your members plugged in. The possibility of being publicly outed on a sensitive topic could be embarrassing for members! It’s always important to keep the topic of your group and the feelings of its members in mind.

Click “Create” on your Facebook group

Here is the easiest step of all!

Click the “Create” button.

Add a cover photo for your Facebook group

Once you have completed the 4 part setup it’s time to make your group appealing. Facebook gives you the option to add a creative graphic or photo for a cover image. I talk about this in my post How To Make An Attractive Facebook Profile

Your cover photo is a great way to add branding and personality to your group. What you select is completely up to you and should align with the theme of your group. 

Complete the group “About” section

The About section allows you to describe your group. Even if your group privacy is set to private, you want to complete this section. When a new member checks out the group you want them to know what you, your Facebook group and the community.

The last section covers the membership administration settings. You can use this section to determine how new members join the group. Set up member request questions, and post-approval options. 

Create group rules

Having rules for your Facebook group will help avoid confusion about what topics are off limits. This is the section where you let members know you won’t tolerate bashing, bullying, etc. On the More menu (above the group settings) is a link to your Facebook group moderation options. In this section, you will create your Facebook group’s rules. This is a list of rules that you can show to potential members before they join your group. 

Since we are talking about using your Facebook group to build your business. Using the group rules will help keep other marketers from advertising. One rule I have is no advertising and no reaching out to members with business offers. 

Define the audience for your Facebook Group

It’s necessary to define your audience. To have a successful group and community you want members with topics in common. You can have slight variations to your members, but to keep the content cohesive your audience is key.

Who should join your Group? If we use the mom example (like above) age range is the top consideration.

Women who are moms

Stay at home moms

Moms who want to eat healthy

Moms of a certain age 28-35

Moms of school aged kids (girl moms, boy moms, twin moms, etc).

A group of like minded people in a facebook community group
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The simplest way is to create a group is to keep you niche in mind

Your business niche and your Facebook group have similar goals and target audience. This will help all your platforms to have similar content and brand voice.

If your niche is travel, create a group for travellers. Either you can keep it broad (A group where anything and everything travel is discussed) or you can niche it down. A group for female solo travellers or a group dedicated to travel within a certain geographical area.

Why is using your Facebook group to build your business successful

The simplest explanation is you have direct access to a group of like-minded people. These people love being a part of a community and become loyal fans. Your followers and potential customers will grow as you provide quality content.

Another benefit is your Facebook Group establishes you as an authority in your niche. This is a great way to gain more business. People start seeing you as an expert which drives traffic to your website, blog, and email list.

As always I am very honest about what I share here on my blog. While it may take an hour or two to set up a Facebook group to build your business, growing this group takes time. Using a Facebook group to build your business can only work for you if you’re ready to put in the effort. It does take time to create a community that provides value.

Aside from creating a strategy for attracting new members. You’ll need to spend time on content, conversations, commenting and offering support. Not to mention moderating the posts and comments of the community. 

I promise you this if you take the time and do the steps above your community will grow. Do you currently have a community Facebook group? And are you a member of ours?

You can visit my group at Inner Beauty Sisterhood


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