6 Steps To Self Audit Your Facebook Profile

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Cleaning up your Facebook profile is an easy but important task as you incorporate your small business into your social media. A clean-looking Facebook helps present you and your business in a good light without all the clutter. These 6 steps to self audit your Facebook profile will help your Facebook profile stand out.

Don’t worry a bit, this self audit will be painless.

A cohesive social media name

Is your name the exact one you’re using on all social profiles? It’s important to keep your branding consistent. For personal Facebook profiles, using your own first and last name. For Instagram and Facebook business pages, you can of course use your business name.

Making it easy for people to find you is key for growing a following on Facebook. Otherwise, people have to hunt to determine if it’s you, this is something you want to avoid.

For example, if the name of your company is Kelly’s Sweet Treats and your Facebook Page is Kelly’s Deserts, you’ll need to fix that. All your social media platforms need to have a cohesive name.

Delete old and irrelevant posts

To keep your Facebook profile fresh, it’s a good idea to get rid of the unnecessary clutter. Don’t worry about going back too far back in your posting history. Go back a couple of weeks and delete anything that is irrelevant. Most new friends won’t go back more than a few posts as they get to know you.

You’ll want to delete any old or expired promos, sales, or offers. Also look to make sure your posts are on brand, even if the post is more personal. If your profile sections are set up correctly, with featured photos, links and bio, you don’t have to worry about people stalking through your profile to learn more about you.

Audit your posts and photos privacy settings

Did you know when making a new post on your Facebook profile you can select from a change of privacy settings. You can also do the same with your photos and albums. As you are doing your Facebook self audit, make sure you have the desired privacy settings on posts and photos.

For photos, I always have my family pictures set to my and friends (my family members). You can also set photos and albums as visible by only you, private, public, only friends. Delete any photos that might be questionable, not presentable, or that you no longer value.

Have a balance between personal and business posts

If you have your business on Facebook, I bet you feel lost in balancing personal and business in one profile. Until now you have used your Facebook to post about your life, pets, family, etc. When you start a home based business on your Facebook, you have to shift the way you use this social media platform.

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Yesterday you were drinking wine, hitting the bar, and not thinking one bit about a brand identity. Then you start a small business and share non-stop about your product and residual income. Your audience is now scratching their heads and rolling their eyes.

The 80-20 rule will guide you through auditing your posts to reflect your business, and you as a wine loving person. You can do both, but to be successful, you can’t choose just one.

The 80/20 rule indicates that 80% of social media posts should be useful to your audience — meaning, it educates, entertains, or offers a solution to their problems — and only 20% should explicitly promote your business. – Brand Muscle

It’s okay to recycle content as you audit your Facebook profile

As you are auditing your older Facebook posts, monitor those that performed well and scored high engagement. When you find these posts, repost the content as a new post and archive the old one.

Your audience is always changing and growing, so everyone has not seen the post you made three months ago. Don’t be afraid to pull out great content you wrote in the past and share it again.

Use the unfollow button

I’m sure you have those friends on your Facebook that make you feel a certain way. Those that make you feel less or are so unhappy. The unfollow button is an incredible tool. You don’t have to offend people by unfriending them, you will simply not see their posts anymore.

The quickest and easiest way to stop seeing posts from Facebook friends is to unfollow them. This means you stay Facebook friends, but won’t see them in your News Feed.

Don’t feel bad about unfollowing people! Your social media is your social media, and you should only see posts that bring you value.


I hope you found value from our 6 steps to self audit your Facebook profile. When was the last time you did a self audit on your Facebook profile?

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