Secrets For Posting On Facebook For Business Owners

a group of people around a laptopSecrets For Posting On Facebook For Business Owners

Not all posts that get attention and engagement on Facebook are what you should be posting. There are some secrets for posting on Facebook for business owners. Don’t forget you’re using social media for business, not for fun. Keep in mind hot topics have two sides and the opposing side might hit the unfriend button.

Avoid posting, reacting, sharing, or commenting on the following topics:

  • Religion
  • Politics
  • Vaccines (pro or anti)
  • Rants
  • Your bad days
  • Bad news

Don’t sell directly from or on a post

One of the top secrets for posting on Facebook for business owners is never sell on a post. Selling on a post and in the comments kills the power of attraction marketing.

If you’ve done this, don’t give yourself a hard time and you can clean up that habit easily.

The whole point of making attractive social posts is to start conversations. If you come across as salesy and pushy, no one’s going to want to have a conversation with you. That’s definitely not building the know, like and trust.

Your goal is to invite people to learn more about your service, product and opportunity. If you’re trying to sell directly from the post itself, you become that person others want to avoid. They don’t want to talk to you; they don’t want to interact with you. If people are avoiding you like the plague, you won’t have a chance to invite them to learn more.

Facebook guidelines prohibit people from using personal profiles for commercial gain. You can indirectly promote awareness of your business. Using attraction marketing is another way to post about your business.

Don’t be spammy friend by making too many business Facebook posts

Even though you want to sell your services or products, you need to keep your audience in mind. Have you ever received a friend request on Facebook followed by a copy-paste text about a business opportunity or joining a product group?

Building relationships and being interested in your “new friends” breaks the spam cycle. That way when you do message them, they won’t be thinking “they’re just trying to sell me something… thanks!” Instead, you will be their friend that shares about your common interests.

Another secret for posting on Facebook as a business owner is turning your Facebook into a business commercial. This happens because you’re not sharing anything personal. People want to connect with people. If they lose that relatability they will ignore (or hide) your posts. You don’t want to create roadblocks or objections in the beginning before someone gets to know you.

Don’t share political and religious views on social media

Politics and religion are two topics that cause a great divide on social media. When posting on Facebook as a business owner and entrepreneur about politics, religion, or controversial issues it’s easy to alienate friends on your list.

Because you don’t know people on your social media very well (Facebook is no exception) stick to positive topics. Share things that are inspiring, educational, real life (your life), and funny. If it seems like a constructive post is heading towards a flame war, try reworking it for another day.

Don’t add fuel to the fire on heated posts

If you see people having a heated discussion in the comments on a post, don’t add to it. You might agree or side with some of the opinions, but you don’t want to cause an angry blowup on your profile. I use the rise above method. I politely let people know if they cannot be kind in the comments to move it offline (or at least into messenger). If they can’t do that, you can turn off the comments.

Don’t say it online if you wouldn’t say it in person

“Shielded behind a computer screen, some people forget they are interacting with other human beings, saying things online that they would never say in person,” observes etiquette expert Diane Gottsman.

The reality is, social media is social interaction. It’s not “like real life”; it is real life. If you feel angry or hurt, disconnect from Facebook and take a deep breath. Journal the response you want to make instead of posting it online. Ask yourself before posting anything: Would I be comfortable saying this if we were face to face?

Don’t forget to have fun while on Facebook

While your Facebook is about your business, it’s important to still have fun! Feel free to share funny moments that happen behind the scenes. People want to see you being a real person. Share things you love, photos or videos that make you laugh and make you feel happy. These posts might shock you and be the best performing ones for engagement.

Your Facebook posts need to come from you

As business owners, moms, and wives, we are all busy, and over scheduled. You might feel tempted to outsource your social media to an admin or manager. Someone that can devote their time to posting and commenting in your place, but no one is you.

A Business owner posting on facebook from her laptop
Image By Vlada Karpovich

Posts made by someone else will not sound like you and that can appear really inauthentic. Your social media posts need to come from you. Your audience can spot this from a mile away and no one will want to engage with you.

If you need help with your Facebook pages, chats, or groups, an admin can help with management. Posts and comments need to come from you.

BONUS: Why you should never use an Auto-Scheduler for posting on Facebook

Facebook will penalize the newsfeed reach of your post when using a third-party auto-scheduler. – like MeetEdgar, Buffer, Hootsuite, etc. The Facebook algorithm favors authentic real time content.

If you can’t post in real time, you can use the scheduler on Facebook. Taking the time to create and post your content and posts will get you better reach on Facebook.

Secrets for posting on Facebook for business owners

Share real-Life, behind-the-scenes moments

People love reality tv shows because we are all curious about what goes on behind closed doors. People love to see “real life”, behind-the-scenes activity. As business owners, influencers, and network marketers we love posting the “perfect” moments. Including posts about the piles of laundry or imperfect moments make us approachable.

Here’s how you can give your friends and followers the real down to earth you

  Post sneak peeks of your process or systems

  Share in-the-moment excitement

  Show off your work or meeting spaces (especially if they are messy from actually working)

  Take pictures from the places you go to get inspired

  Take some Facebook posts about your unfiltered life

  Post your bloopers

Show what makes you awesome

The days of overly filtered, and over the top curated lifestyle posts are coming to an end. Followers and fans want to know about the real lives of the people they befriend on social media. Being transparent about what makes you unique will help people get to know, like and trust the real you! Stop hiding who you are and your awesome personality.

Be an inspiration on Facebook

Facebook can be a noisy place. Sometimes we get so caught up in the day to day and having positivity on social media can be a breath of fresh air. It’s like how reading an inspiring book or watching a feel-good video puts a smile on your face. Another secret for posting on Facebook, is to share inspirational life changing stories as a result of my product or opportunity.

Tell your story in a Facebook post or live

When was the last time you told your story? Sharing who you are and why you started your business builds creditability. Tell people about your struggles and how you overcame them will help you gain rapport.

Celebrate your business

What has your business done that has helped others? Have you reached a goal or been recognized for your accomplishments? Give yourself or your team a shout out! Posting on Facebook about incentive trips, training retreat and team building shows you as a leader. You want to give your audience all the feels! Because you are a proud self employed business owner, you should talk about your wins when posting on facebook.

Share what you have learned on social media

During your time as a business owner, you have learned new skills. Sharing tips and hacks that your followers can use in their business or in day-to-day life are valuable lessons. When you show up on social media as helpful and knowledgeable, you become the person people think of when they need help. Giving away this information will help you gain followers, customers, and business partners.

Humor is great for engagement, everyone loves to laugh

Think of your favorite comedian. Do you follow them on social media so you can see more of their sets? Have you seen something in your newsfeed or on tik tok that had you cracking up? Guess what, your Facebook followers love to laugh too. Your audience would love it if you share things to brighten their day! Funny Facebook posts get higher engagement and share rates too. Just because you are an entrepreneur doesn’t mean you can’t use humor and silliness when posting on Facebook.

Products that will WOW your followers and create fans

Woman with a skincare mask taking a selfie. Facebook posting for business owners
Image By Gustavo Fring

You can and should talk about your products. Posting on Facebook about how your products have helped you and your customers is powerful marketing. We all love posting selfies, include your product somewhere in the background. Have your customers post testimonials and tag you to the post.

Get to know your audience

Post questions to your customers and audience who follow you on social media to get to know more about them. This is one of the best ways to see how to help and it’s a genuine way to build relationships. You will gain helpful information and insights as well as increase engagement.

Facebook is a place where you as a business owner can use your creativity to interact and gain customers. Sometimes this freedom can be overwhelming and we can get stuck in over thinking what to post. I hope this article and the secrets for posting on Facebook has helped you. Two areas to keep in mind most are your ideal customer/business partner and your niche.

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