How To Reset Your Facebook News Feed

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Have you noticed updates, photos, and links from a few friends show up in your Facebook news feed? The reason you can’t see friends’ status on Facebook is because of the algorithm Facebook uses. I know you are wondering how to reset your Facebook news feed, so you see more.

The algorithm looks at which friends you interact with most. Then it shows you posts from those people. The algorithm cuts down the “noise” on your profile and shows you what it thinks you want to see. Don’t worry, your friends haven’t un-friended you.

The positive and negative effects of Facebook

We don’t consciously think about what we see or read on social media — but our minds are soaking up all those words and images. Do you want your experience on Facebook to be positive or damaging mentally?

When you scroll through your news feed, what do you see? Take note of what images, words, and videos are you looking at?


You will see things in your new feed that are encouraging and uplifting to match your values.  Have friends that make you feel inspired will boost your business and mental health. Look for people and pages that will fill your Facebook news feed with content, causes, and messages that align with your beliefs.


When your feed is out of alignment and you need to reset your Facebook news feed, you will see things that bring you down. Maybe you’re seeing foul language, videos or posts that are inappropriate. If you wouldn’t show your mom, you shouldn’t be looking at it either. 

If you are feeling negative feelings or falling into comparison, it’s time to clean up your feed.

Clean up your Facebook friends and pages

The easiest way to reset your Facebook news feed is to look through your friends list and pages. Going through your pages will be less time-consuming than your friends list. Unlike and unfollow any pages that you no longer resonate with. After you have completed this task, go like and follow some new pages. Make certain that they post subjects that apply to your life, business, and mindset.

We develop a bond with the friends we make online, just like in real life. Deleting or unfriending the ones who post things that don’t line up with you can be difficult. There is a way around this you can click “Unfollow.” Unfollowing people keeps them on your friends list, but you stop seeing their posts. And bonus they won’t know you unfollowed them.

After you’ve unfollowed and unfriended people, go make some new friends. Adding new people to your friends list daily increases your business leads.

People you should delete

Here are some people that you will benefit from unfriending. 

Past relationships and exes. There is no need to torture yourself over relationships that didn’t work out. Delete them and move on. Deleting and adding new friends is a quick method to reset your Facebook news feed.

The “show off”. This type of person will take over your news feed with large photo dumps and attention seeking posts. Delete or unfollow. Focus instead on what makes you happy.

The “instigator”. These friends or acquaintances like to pick a fight and get people fired up. You don’t need to get into keyboard fights or be disrespected online.

The “negative Nancy or Karen”. A positive mindset is essential for business success and a happy life. Negative posts will eat away at your positive mindset. Delete these types of people, you can’t change them.

How to reset your Facebook news feed by interacting

Your Facebook news feed is controlled by you, but heavily controlled by the Algorithm. “The Facebook algorithm is a computer process that decides who sees what content and why. It evaluates each post and scores it. Instead of presenting every post in chronological order, Facebook shows posts in descending order of interest.”

How Does The Facebook Algorithm And Organic Reach Work?


An easy way to reset your Facebook news feed is to be social.The posts you interact with show higher in your feed than posts from someone you never interact with. It works the same when people comment and sharing your posts. They will get shown to more people because they are creating conversations.

All interaction is important from liking and commenting to the emotion buttons. You can send signals to the algorithm by saving posts, unfollowing, or selecting to hide ads.

I did a 3 week experiment with my personal Facebook. I wanted to see if this method would reset the Facebook news feed. If you have followed me or are new, I will recommend nothing to you I have done myself. And this method worked 50/50.

I started giving Facebook feedback on everything in my news feed. Could this “force” the algorithm to show me only what I wanted to see? I did this by hiding all ads I was not interested in and that didn’t fit my niche. The three dots in the upper-right-hand corner of a Facebook ad gives you options about how you want to respond to it.

NOTE: Every action tells Facebook what you want to see in your news feed, so be strategic.

Using Facebook tools to reset your news feed

Facebook allows you to create custom friends lists. You can create custom names for each list and add select friends onto each list. Updates from anyone in these select groups will always prompt a notification (enable notifications). Your friends will not know or receive notifications about which list you add them to.

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The lists you make won’t affect how often you see your friends in your News Feed. Bookmark each list and use them as alternatives to your main newsfeed. When you use your list in this way, it will allow you to see only those on each list.

Facebook has a “See first” starred option for prioritizing your favorite people. All posts by those you select (only 30 people can be your favorites) will show first in your feed.

Bonus Tip: Another option for your feed is to change from chronological order to most current first. On your main Facebook screen, go to the left-hand menu and click See More. Then select “Most Recent”. This will restore your news feed so the newest posts will show at the top.

Unlike the tips I’ve mentioned above, this option gives you less control over what you see in your newsfeed. It’s still a useful way of seeing updates from people you haven’t checked in on for a while. 

Growing a successful business on Facebook takes work and is not instantaneous. Learning how to reset your Facebook news feed is critical in ensuring your content is being seen. Being social and engaging with people who are interacting with you is the quickest way to reset your feed. Spend at least 10 minutes engaging on the posts of others, engaging in their stories, and being active in groups.


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