How To Choose Quality Friends On Facebook

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Using your personal Facebook profile for business takes a shift in mindset and approach. What was once a place to share anything and everything you now have to be more strategic with your posts. Let’s chat about how to choose quality friends on Facebook.

The primary goal of building your business on Facebook is to make new relationships. These new friendships are with people interested in your product or service. Why would you want to enlarge your Facebook social circle? Well, making friends is the whole point of joining Facebook.

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How to meet like-minded friends on Facebook

Until now, the friends you have on Facebook are more than likely people you are friends with or know in real life. You might have a few connections with people you met at a party or a friend of a friend. Social media works in a similar way.

Think of Facebook as a giant party or networking event. The goal is to meet new people, but how do we decide if someone is a suitable match for us? We talk to them; we watch for body language, and ask questions that reveal a bit of who the person is and what they are about.

We can do the same on social media. It just takes a bit more investigating to find the quality friends on Facebook that we want.

How to choose quality friends on Facebook

So, you’re ready to make some new friends? Deciding who to send or accept a friend request from takes a few minutes and starts by looking at their profile.

One thing to note is we are limited by only using online profiles to judge someone. Research suggests someone’s relationship status, interests, group membership, creative photos and even written vocabulary can help you form valid impressions.

There are a few things I look at before sending a friend request. The key area I look at is the About section. I look to see where the person works or if they are self employed. If the person is with the same company as I am (this applies to direct sales) I do not send a request.

Note: You can hit the “Follow” button for inspiration for your own content.

I also inspect the person’s post going back about a month. If you see negativity, bad language, heated politics, or sexual content, steer clear of that person. If you are unsure of what to post our article, Secrets For Posting On Facebook For Business Owners.

What are some characteristics you can pick up on from a person’s Facebook profile?

A new study examines how our personalities relate to the type of content we post on Facebook. It turns out that the topics people choose tell you as much about them as the content of their posts.

  • Extraverts are more likely to post about social activities and their everyday lives
  • Open-minded people are more likely to post about their intellectual interests and seek information
  • Conscientious people post updates about their children and have a desire to communicate with friends

People who share their social activities, everyday life, children, and achievements are open to stronger relationships online. These are the quality friends on Facebook we want.

Negatives when “meeting” new people on social media

As we all know, there are people out there that could just be lying about everything on their profile. But most profiles have some level of truth that reveals a lot about the person behind the screen.

NOTE: Some people post because they think it’s cool. Not everyone believes in what they post. And not everyone’s posts are honest.

Most people who post and use Facebook (social media) post their highlight reels. No one wants to post about how they have laundry piled to the ceiling or how their personal life is a hot mess. This can be a huge hurdle when seeking connections online.

I recently wrote a post on How To Make A Good First Impression On Facebook where I share 4 key ways to standout on Facebook.

We judge people based on what they post. If what we are seeing is only a small look at who the person is, we could end up with Facebook friends who are not a good match.

Positives when “meeting” new people on social media

When we meet people face-to-face there is no About section, no place for someone to complete fields about themselves. You can more accurately judge someone’s personality through their online profile. This suggests an online profile is as powerful as a physical first impression.

By reviewing and digging into someone’s profile information, you will get to know a bit about the person. By looking at older posts and comments, you will get to know their sensibilities. Pictures also tell a lot about a person, what they do for fun, hobbies, and their lifestyle.

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This is important because if you like someone based on their Facebook profile, you’re likely to like them in the real world. If you consider someone a quality friend on Facebook, the same should be true about the person in real life.

Focus on quality friends on Facebook instead of vanity numbers

The days of sending out mass invites are over. At least if you want to contribute to changing the way business owners and entrepreneurs use social media. Blindly sending out and accepting friend requests leaves you with an audience that doesn’t have the same values as you.

I accept requests from people whose posts match my values or help me grow. I add them because their posts are adding value to me and I provide the same for them. We may never meet in real life. But we can benefit from each other’s knowledge, experiences and posts.

The people you associate with have a major impact and influence on your mindset and success. Quality over quantity when selecting Facebook friends will keep your feed filled with like-minded people.


You want friends and connections to bring happiness into your life. People who bring negativity and drama into your social circle will be a distraction from your goals. Look for people who will support and uplift you and others. You want to surround yourself with people who will give you great advice and positively influence your future choices.

By investigating a person’s Facebook profile, past posts, and “About” section, you will be able to spot if the person is a quality Facebook friend. Remember, your Facebook is your social space. If someone doesn’t meet your expectations, you can remove them.

Do you currently do a Facebook review before accepting or sending new friend requests? What do you look for in quality friends on Facebook?



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