How Does The Facebook Algorithm And Organic Reach Work?

Keyboard with data button. How Does The Facebook Algorithm And Organic Reach Work?

Most people know of the Facebook algorithm, but are confused about how the Facebook algorithm and organic reach work. “In 2021, it make the Facebook algorithm up of four main ranking signals: recency, popularity, content type, and relationship.” Enever Group.

What is the Facebook algorithm?

The Facebook algorithm is a computer process that decides who sees what content and why. As a business, you use social media to get your business content out into the world. The Facebook algorithm evaluates each post and scores it. Instead of presenting every post in chronological order, Facebook shows posts in descending order of interest.

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There are 4 key areas that posts fall into when analyzed by the algorithm:

Relationship: Is the post from a person, business, news publication or public figure? And are people engaging with the person posting?

Content type: What type of media is in the post (video, photo, link, etc.)? And what type of media does the user interact / like most? Facebook loves video!

Popularity: How are people who have seen the post reacting to it? Are they sharing it, commenting, ignoring it, or hitting the angry face? Facebook buries posts that are boring.

Recency: How new is the post? Newer posts are ranked and placed higher.

Facebook no longer cares how much time you spend on the platform. Facebook is looking for how meaningful your content is and what you engage with. Provide quality content and build authority through sharing what you do, who you help, and what you’ve achieved. 

Warm-up the Facebook algorithm to increase your organic reach

If you want to show up in more people’s news feeds, then you need to work the Facebook algorithm in your favor. I’ve listed a few advanced strategies below to help you do just that and here’s why. The average reach for an organic Facebook post is down to 5.2%. 

You can do longer make a post, slap it up and have 100 comments. Give the people what they want and tell them what engagement you are looking for. Do you want them to share your video? Tell them in the video to share it. If you want someone to comment on your content, tell them what to say! Spend 5-10 minutes before posting any content, including video, and interact with others. After you have posted, spend 5-10 minutes interacting with a fresh set of people. This can lead to commenting on 25 posts a day from 25 different Facebook friends. (Although Instagram related. Check out Gary Vaynerchuk’s 1.80 strategy).

The Facebook algorithm also weighs the reaction buttons. Target emotional reactions in your posts and prompt people to hit the love, care, and laughter.

Let people know before you go Live (5–20 minutes before). There are two ways you can do it: 1. post about it in your story. 2. Go into the comments from a previous video you did and let people know you’re going live again. People who watched your previous video will see the new comment and join the new live. 

Tip: Be specific about your topics. You don’t want people to stop watching your lives because they’re confused or mislead about your content.

How does Facebook determine what posts get increased reach?

Have you ever felt like Facebook only shows you the same 15 people over and over? That’s because it is. 

Pro Tip: You get what you give!

If you aren’t engaging with a wide variety of people daily they will not see you? The more you feed that algorithm, they will see the more you. When you engage with others, the algorithm will show your followers more of your content. And the more they’re going to respond.

Once the algorithm shows more of your stuff, people will share and engage on your posts (this is organic reach).

BONUS: If you are seeing negativity on your feed or feel you need to do some Facebook housekeeping, my article will help. How To Reset Your Facebook News Feed

Take those online reactions to offline conversations…. Every one of those conversations can ultimately turn into a business lead down the road. Foster the rapport, build the relationship and the know+like+trust with them.

Always take your leads from online to offline. – text messages, Facebook messages, DMs, whichever you and your new bff prefer. When I say offline, I mean off of the public view. When you take it private, it turns the conversation into a one-on-one situation. This is your ultimate goal for all your social posts, business-related or not.

Reply to your audience

Like and reply to everyone who comments on your posts, stories, video, etc. It’s very important to grow strong relationships with each person in your audience. If a person has taken the time to engage on your post, don’t waste the opportunity by ignoring them. You want to make them feel heard.

Why? The algorithm prioritizes posts from people that users interacted with in the past. This means that bumping up your reply game is key, skip the emoji and snake the person smile or ask a question.

Increase your organic reach by getting your audience replying to each other

The Facebook algorithm values content that people want to share and discuss with others. Don’t just post a picture of a cute kitty with no text, hook, or call to action. The days of posting random nonsense are over, you own a business and are providing value. (you can post those cute kitties in your stories).

You need to provide value as inspiration, humor, education/information, and entertainment. Ask questions, use polls, post info-graphics, and go live about topics in your niche. Also include your life, document what you’re doing by the scenes, where your vacationing, etc.

How does the Facebook algorithm and organic reach work?

Although frustrating, the Facebook algorithm is always changing. By learning how the algorithm works, you can use it to your advantage and make it work for you. Our goal as entrepreneurs is to work with the platforms to provide what our audience will relate too. Followers need to feel emotions before they buy our product, service or join us as business partners. Remember, you are on social media to be social. 

Are you struggling with finding content that works with the algorithm or that speaks to your audience? If so, shoot us a message so we can help you create a plan.

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