4 Ways To Make A Good First Impression On Facebook

Two people shaking hands and 4 Ways To Make A Good First Impression On Facebook

When it comes to using Facebook for business, the more information you provide the better it will be for you. Facebook and social media provide a great opportunity for you to reach a large number of people. But there are millions of people using social media platforms. How to gain their attention? Here are 4 […]

What Makes A Good Facebook Profile Picture?

A good Facebook profile picture of a woman smiling

Your Facebook profile picture is your first impression to people visiting your page. Not to mention your profile picture shows in a little bubble on all your comments and posts. Your Facebook picture reflects who you are. Deciding on a picture can be overwhelming. This article will help you know what makes a good Facebook […]

13 Advantages Of Having A Facebook Page For Your Business

Image of a business Facebook page on a computer

Having a Facebook business page helps establish your business presence online. And gives you a more professional look than a Facebook profile.  I previously shared some differences between a Facebook Profile and a Facebook Page. Now let’s look at the 13 advantages of having a Facebook page for your business.  Promotions, discounts, and post updates […]

How Does The Facebook Algorithm And Organic Reach Work?

Keyboard with data button. How Does The Facebook Algorithm And Organic Reach Work?

Most people know of the Facebook algorithm, but are confused about how the Facebook algorithm and organic reach work. “In 2021, it make the Facebook algorithm up of four main ranking signals: recency, popularity, content type, and relationship.” Enever Group. What is the Facebook algorithm? The Facebook algorithm is a computer process that decides who […]

Facebook Profile Or Facebook Page For Entrepreneurs

Picture of an iphone with Facebook logo on a white desk.

One common question most people have is “Do I need a Facebook profile or Facebook page?” Deciding between these two options is a common mistake people make when using Facebook for business. When you hear about using a page over a profile it’s easy to get confused between the two.  Most brands and small businesses […]

How To Make An Attractive Facebook Profile

A laptop opened to facebook. How To Make An Attractive Facebook Profile

Whether your brand new or currently have a Facebook profile you want to revamp, you need to know how to make it attractive and inviting. The most important question to ask yourself is, “does your Facebook profile stand out?” A stand out profile creates a following of friends and raving brand fans. What does your […]