Facebook Profile Posting and Interaction Guide

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Reaching your followers on Facebook is all about your content. In this Facebook profile posting and interaction guide, you’ll learn how to use social media successfully. Social media and Facebook are just that, a place online to be social. “Nearly 2.5 billion active users, of which 1.62 billion check Facebook every single day. The average user spends 38 minutes a day on the platform.” Mylifestyleacademy.com

Engage and interact with your followers and fans

 Increase organic engagement with likes, shares, comments, and clicks. The key is to write posts that are friendly, educational, entertaining and inspirational. Start friendships, give your followers engagement and they will engage back. Don’t sit around waiting for people to find you, go out and we find them.
Connect with others on a deeper, more intimate level. This type of connection is possible when you show up on Facebook authentically. Share stories of inspiration, growth, and vulnerability. By showing a deeper part of yourself and your life your audience will resonate with you on a personal level.
Why does trust and relatability matter? Most of the time, people work with and buy from those they know, like, and trust. It doesn’t always matter if you are the best in your field/niche. It’s about a personal connection.
Writing a strong bio that really reflects you and things about you will also help create that relatability. For my step-by-step directions on writing a stand out bio Click Here

Facebook profile posting and interaction guide

 According to Mylifestyleacademy.com the recommendation is to post quality content on your Facebook one to two times per day. You will want to make your posts six to eight hours apart or one in the morning and one in the evening. When you post too close together, the posts can begin to compete with one another for attention.
PRO Tip: You can also post outside of business hours and high traffic times (usually 9 to 11 AM, 3 and 7 PM). Try posting between 9 and 11 PM and see how that works for you.

Use the 80/20 Method

Follow the 80/20 rule for Facebook posts. 80% of your posts should inform, educate, inspire, and entertain your audience. And 20% should directly promote your business. Facebook doesn’t like it if you use your profile for business. Which is why using the 80/20 method is so important, along with keeping sales conversations in messenger or offline.
Make the 80% of your Facebook posts be shareable content. Ask questions, start discussions and keep those conversations going. Share photos, quote cards, and infographics.
Bonus Tip: Don’t post your company’s graphics, especially promo/sale graphics. AND DON’T BE SPAMMY.

Post more in your Facebook stories

People love knowing what others are doing behind closed doors. This is what stories are great at showcasing, behind the scenes. Facebook Stories have 300 million active users daily. 62% of Facebook users say they become more interested in a product/business after seeing it in a story. Yes, this is exactly what we want.

Stories are a great place to ask your followers questions. We need to know what our people want to see and read. Use a poll sticker or questions/comment sticker in your stories to find out what people want more of.

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Posting 3-8 clips spread out through the day is a good number. Share quick tips, post what you’re doing, post photos or videos with texts, and show you!!!
Do you mail out your bulk orders to customers? Take a crazy picture of you up to your eyeballs in shipping. Include a caption that says “boy this ______ is flying off the shelves fast, see what everyone is talking about.”
Stories are a great way to test out what content engages more with your audience. And you can share these story clips across the platforms from Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok.

Go live on Facebook regularly

 Live videos need to be included in your Facebook marketing strategy. Facebook users are more likely to watch live streams than recorded videos.
The ideal length for a Facebook live video is 10 to 15 minutes. You don’t want to take up all your followers time. Your videos should be as long as they need to be but as short as possible! Don’t add a bunch of fluff to your live, stick to the point and stay on topic.
If you are nervous about going live, start by recording some videos. Including them in posts, until you are comfortable to go live. Record some fun tips in a video and share in the video that you have a promotion coming up. Include a call to action for that promo of visiting your website or commenting for more details.
Rockstar Tip: When going live on Facebook use a second device to go live on Instagram.
The best advice I can give you is to test and tweak as you go. And remember, it’s awesome to listen and get inspired, but make sure you put the ideas into play right away. Have fun while using Facebook for your home based business.
I recently wrote a more in-depth article Secrets for posting on Facebook for business owners. This article contains post ideas for increasing engagement, dos and don’ts for posting about your business, and how to gain followers and fans.

Daily DMO’s and Facebook profile posting and interaction guide :

  • Consistency – Post, like, comment, and go live regularly
  • Comment on 25 posts a day from 25 different Facebook friends
  • Like and reply to everyone who comments on your posts
  • Have everyone on your team (or a group of friends) comment on your posts
  • Go back to old posts that were extremely popular, and comment, so everyone gets notified
  • Create friendships that continue in real life!
  • Add local friends, Facebook is more likely to show posts among mutual friends
  • Get conversations started on your posts.
  • Post when your audience is online.
  • Post Videos
  • Post Often and Consistently
  • Be Active in Facebook Groups
  • Use this Facebook profile posting and interaction guide


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