Secrets For Posting On Facebook For Business Owners

a group of people around a laptopSecrets For Posting On Facebook For Business Owners

Not all posts that get attention and engagement on Facebook are what you should be posting. There are some secrets for posting on Facebook for business owners. Don’t forget you’re using social media for business, not for fun. Keep in mind hot topics have two sides and the opposing side might hit the unfriend button. […]

Facebook Profile Or Facebook Page For Entrepreneurs

Picture of an iphone with Facebook logo on a white desk.

One common question most people have is “Do I need a Facebook profile or Facebook page?” Deciding between these two options is a common mistake people make when using Facebook for business. When you hear about using a page over a profile it’s easy to get confused between the two.  Most brands and small businesses […]

Facebook Profile Posting and Interaction Guide

Image of facebook profile posting and interaction guide on an ipad

Reaching your followers on Facebook is all about your content. In this Facebook profile posting and interaction guide, you’ll learn how to use social media successfully. Social media and Facebook are just that, a place online to be social. “Nearly 2.5 billion active users, of which 1.62 billion check Facebook every single day. The average […]

6 Steps To Self Audit Your Facebook Profile

A woman doing Steps To Self Audit Your Facebook Profile on her laptop

Cleaning up your Facebook profile is an easy but important task as you incorporate your small business into your social media. A clean-looking Facebook helps present you and your business in a good light without all the clutter. These 6 steps to self audit your Facebook profile will help your Facebook profile stand out. Don’t […]

Writing A Facebook Bio That Attracts Followers And Fans

A woman writing her facebook bio on a white board.

When you have an online business, your bio is what people will see first. So writing a Facebook bio that attracts followers and fans is so important. Many people struggle on what to write, how to write it, or what to include, crafting your bio can be tough. But sharing your strengths, skills, and unique […]

How To Make An Attractive Facebook Profile

A laptop opened to facebook. How To Make An Attractive Facebook Profile

Whether your brand new or currently have a Facebook profile you want to revamp, you need to know how to make it attractive and inviting. The most important question to ask yourself is, “does your Facebook profile stand out?” A stand out profile creates a following of friends and raving brand fans. What does your […]