13 Advantages Of Having A Facebook Page For Your Business

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Having a Facebook business page helps establish your business presence online. And gives you a more professional look than a Facebook profile. 

I previously shared some differences between a Facebook Profile and a Facebook Page. Now let’s look at the 13 advantages of having a Facebook page for your business. 

Promotions, discounts, and post updates are displayed chronologically on your business profile. You can keep a clean Facebook Page by keeping family on your personal profile.

1. Create a custom username URL

When you create your Facebook Business Page, by default Facebook will give you a random URL. This randomly generated URL will be a combination of letters and numbers. This non-specific URL is difficult for people to recognize and find your page via search or Messenger. 

To create a page @username, you must be logged in as the admin of your page. You will want your username to be your brand name (e.g., @socialgrowthcoach). This way people can easily go to your page or even message you by typing your username. 

       2. Select the category niche for your brand’s business page

You’d be surprised how many people pick the wrong category. The major mistake is selecting a category you want your business to be in the future. Instead, pick the option for the services and products you’re currently offering.

While selecting your business category, keep your niche in mind. A niche is really a way of narrowing down your field for your audience.

An example of a niche would be coach or in a very broad sense, wellness.

As you can imagine, wellness is very broad. To be more targeted, break down wellness into sub-niches or specialties.

For example, you have fitness, that’s a good niche to go into but then you have sub-niches of that so you have women’s fitness.

You have all different sub-niches that you can break down even further. Such as women’s at home fitness, women’s postpartum at home fitness, women’s fitness and meal plan. 

You also have things like yoga, HITT, barre, and the list goes on. 

You want to look at a niche for your Facebook business page to help you build a tribe of targeted followers.

3. Add your links to your Facebook page

As a way to invite your page visitors to your other business platforms, add your links. You want to direct your followers where you want them to go. Add your website and social media links.

4. Give all the details in the about section

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Do not be afraid to talk your business up in the about section. Use this section to inform others of the services you offer, your mission statement, and achievements. Think outside the box and be creative. 

Look at companies you like in your niche. What do the “about” sections on their Facebook business pages say? Draw inspiration from their page, but put your own spin on it and tell your unique story. For more tips on setting up your business page visit Madison Fichtl

5. Use the auto-reply for Facebook pages

The auto-reply lets you automatically respond to messages from your Facebook business page. These automated messages get sent out even when you’re away. It gives people faith that you’ll get back to them as soon as you can. This helps you gain their trust and makes them feel valued.

6. Set up and use the “call-to-action” button

The “call-to-action” (CTA) button is front and center at the top of your Facebook business page. This button guides visitors where you want them to go and do after viewing your page. You can customize the CTA button to be a message link, visit your website or buy an item from your shop.

7. Pin important posts

When you have an important post or message you can pin it, which allows you to highlight it on your page. A pinned post stays at the top of your page for as long as you want. What a great way to catch people’s attention. 

You can pin important news and updates so they are easy to find. It’s a good way to share time-limited offers like giveaways and sales. Or to welcome new visitors and offer a quick snippet of what your page is about.

8. Niche your page with quality and relevant content

When using your Facebook Page for your business, you must be consistent. Update your page regularly, but don’t overly post or spam. Share niche relevant, entertaining, and informative content. Share 80% of niche similar content from other users and 20% of your own information.

Using Facebook Live you can live-stream coaching sessions, important events and product announcements. These are great audio-visual ways to attract engagement.

People will like or follow your page once you have enough quality content to keep them engaged. Your Facebook Page for your business will be an invaluable marketing tool. Golerna has a list of Business page tips on their site.

Everyone has a goal of 20,000 to 100,000 followers, but you can build a business with a Facebook page and 1,000 followers. Your main goal on your page has to be managing your followers and contributing niched down value. 

9. Creating goals for how to use your Facebook page for your business

If you’re running a business and you’re going to use a Facebook page as a way to drive traffic to your business website. You need to set some goals for what your page is all about.

What is the focus of your Facebook page? Is it an information only Facebook page? Will you be selling a product or service on the page? I use it to build authority and to drive traffic to my website.

Once you decide on your goal, write it down. The goals you set will help you in creating the content for your Facebook page. And how frequently you’re going to be posting to that page.

10. Advertising on Facebook

How can you reach people who don’t know about you, you guessed it: Facebook advertising. I know it seems unfair to have to pay to have your content seen. But if you want to market the right way and reach the right audience, you will need to have a budget for advertising. 

It can be tricky, but if you learn how to do it right, you can reach potential customers without a huge budget. If you have a business page and know your target customer, you can use the advertising function. Even with a small budget.

Facebook’s amazing targeting options within their ad platform, is often underutilized. It allows you to be focused in terms of who you reach and in engagement.

11. Search engine optimization For Facebook business pages 

Here is some great news. Facebook business pages and their content are indexed by Google. Your personal profile page is not. What does this mean for your business? When someone searches for your business on Google, your Facebook business page will appear in the results. 

Optimization and indexing means more eyes on your page and more ways for your audience to find you.

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12. Insights from your Facebook page for your business

Have you ever wondered how many people are seeing your post? As a business owner, it’s important to analyze data for the content you are creating. A Facebook business page provides detailed analytics for every post. They do not provide you with insights for your personal profile. Without Facebook insights you have no clue how effective your content is. This leaves you guessing when creating future posts.

13. Facebook Pages Manager

When you have a Facebook page for your business, you will need to download an additional app. This app is for you to manage your business pages, it’s the Facebook Pages Manager. Within the app you can view your insights, boost posts and schedule content. This frees up your time so you can focus on checking your posts for comments, likes, shares and so you can respond. 

You can find the Facebook Pages Manager app in your iTunes or Google Play Store.

When you have a Facebook business page for your business, it can change how you use the platform. Imagine spending less time within the app and more time on your business. One of the nicest features is the fact that you can link it to your personal account as an administrator. This allows you to switch between your personal account and your business page. Then back again just as easily. 

Whatever your goals are in having a Facebook page for your business, you must always keep your goal and niche (ideal audience) in mind.

I’m sure you have heard the quote;

If you treat your business like a hobby, it will pay you like a hobby.

Having a Facebook page for your business takes your business from a hobby to a “real” business. 

If you have a Facebook business page drop a comment below with your new link so we can connect.


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